Looking for a Great Tempur-Pedic ® Bed Alternative?

Tempur-Pedic ® Beds? Try Christeli Instead.

So, you’ve decided to start researching Tempur-Pedic ® beds on your quest to find the perfect mattress for you. Maybe you’ve even owned one before and you’re on the quest for a great deal! Allow us to introduce ourselves. We’re Christeli, and we’ve been making quality mattresses since 1931. We’ve managed to stay in business this long because we know how important it is to provide not only high-quality mattresses that last, but also to offer them at prices people can afford. We challenge you to stand up our beds against any comparable competitor products. You will quickly see that our price points blow our competition’s out of the water.

Quality, Price, and Heart

We put a lot of hard work into perfecting our mattresses over this nearly a century we’ve been producing them. Your great night’s sleep is our business, and we aim to please. We also believe that great sleep shouldn’t come at a premium price. Our price points are designed to meet your budget so you can sleep better sooner! And most of all, Christeli is a company with heart. We’re a family-owned business and we build our mattresses right here in the USA, bringing much-needed jobs to our local community. We believe in our business, and we’re passionate about bringing you the best when it comes to sleeping in comfort.