Tempur Pedic Bed

Compare Christeli to the Competition's Tempur pedic Bed

Christeli mattresses are hands down the best investment you can make for consistent, quality sleep and sustained body pressure relief. Amazingly, they also outshine the competition on every level, offering the same features for half the price, while proudly bearing the "Made in the USA" stamp. Today more than ever, with so many jobs being shipped overseas, isn't it good to know that you can still get quality goods made right here in the United States by a family owned company who offers you a lifetime guarantee? The tempur-pedic bed brand has most of the features provided by Christeli, but does not offer a lifetime guarantee.

Tempurpedic Can't Beat Christeli's Quality and Price

If you're thinking about buying a new mattress and have heard about the benefits of a Tempurpedic adjustable bed, look at Christeli's array of memory foam mattresses – before you leap. Both beds are made with real NASA technology, are doctor recommended, and sleep cooler than gel mattresses. Both mattresses also relieve joint and neck pain, and promote proper spinal alignment. But only Christeli offers a lifetime guarantee as well as a free return policy. Stands to reason that the mattresses would be similarly priced. But the fact is, Christeli beds retail for more than half the cost of Tempurpedic’s!

Forget Tempur Pedic Beds. Christeli Delivers More for Your Money 

Don’t assume just because a brand is better known that it’s the superior product. See for yourself how Christeli tops Tempur-pedic memory foam mattresses in a number of surprising ways. For starters, you pay less, often a fraction of what you’d pay for the competition. And you’re not getting any less of a mattress for the price. In fact, in many ways you get more for your money. You get a lifetime guaranty, meaning you’ll likely be passing this mattress on to your grandchildren someday. You also shop from a family owned business that makes its products in the USA. We’re good for the economy and invest in the local community.