Tempurpedic Mattress: Not All Foams Are Created Equal


"Memory foam" beds continue to grow in popularity, but with the term being thrown about but all manner of manufacturers, it's hard to know which are the best. Visco-elastic foam like that used in a Tempurpedic mattress is an extremely dense visco-elastic foam first designed by NASA scientists. This foam responds to the heat of your body to relax and contract where you need it while supporting you across your whole body. This kind of foam is generally the most expensive. Poured polyurethane foam can be cheaper but is also not as firm and supportive. Latex foam is the softest and generally least expensive variety, and most prone to breaking down. People with latex allergies would also want to consider the risks of purchasing a latex foam mattress.

Can Christeli Compare to a Tempurpedic Mattress?

Cool Breeze™ from Christeli is a visco-elastic foam used in all our mattresses to create the highest quality product. Comparisons between each model of Christeli mattress to its corresponding Tempurpedic variety finds that the Christeli mattress is as thick or thicker than the Tempurpedic mattress, has additional quilting not found on the Tempurpedics, and can even have more and denser foam, making for a more restorative sleep experience. Features like tack and jump quilting and European box pillow-tops add to the luxurious feel of our mattresses. Cool Breeze™ also sleeps cooler than Tempurpedic’s memory foam, an important benefit to consider.

Christeli Offers Better Value than Tempurpedic

Choose Christeli’s high-quality product at a significantly lower cost than a Tempurpedic alternative. We're able to do that because we make our mattresses ourselves at our Greenville, SC plant and offer them direct to the consumer through internet sales. With no stores to maintain and few advertisements to buy, we can pass those savings directly onto the consumer. A Tempurpedic bed can be thousands of dollars more expensive than its Christeli counterpart. Also, we're proud that our mattresses are 100% American-made, and always have been since our doors opened in 1931.

Not only are Christeli products of the highest quality at factory prices well below those of a Tempurpedic’s. They are also backed by an 80-year old company committed to making high-quality mattresses and providing excellent customer service. Try Christeli today, and sleep better while saving money.