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Crafted by Hand - One by One

Beds Since 1931


When the factory doors to our family-owned mattress business were proudly opened in 1931, we were determined to create a world where every person has a luxurious, well-made bed to sleep on. We're now one of the largest bedding retailers and direct mattress manufacturers in the entire United States. We've evolved since the early days, but our goal remains the same: to make the finest handcrafted mattresses in existence.

Grand Masters

Master Craftsmanship

Dedicated to bringing your dreams to life, our Craftspeople strive for perfection when hand-building and crafting your Christeli. Every stitch, every cut and every measurement has their name on it. As one Craftswoman once said: "This is what I know how to do. This is what I do best. This is what I enjoy."


A pair of skilled hands cannot be matched by any machine in the world. The precision, the care and the patience our Craftspeople put into Christeli make each sleep system a masterpiece of its own. Each detail matters — from the hand selected textiles to the hand-stitched quilting. Perfection is our benchmark.

The Old Fashioned Way

Our only desire is to build the best sleep systems in the world regardless of cost.

An Original Union Special

An Original Union Special Still in Operation


Hand-Selected Organic Cotton and Cashmere

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