Between the Sheets

Modern wisdom tends to associate napping with laziness. But what if a brief catnap is all you need to jump-start your day and elevate productivity?

It’s time to pull out our scholarly glasses and back up our urge to catch some zzz’s with hard science. Attention, please!

1) A recent review by Harvard University found that a short nap could be just what the doctor ordered when it comes to daytime sleepiness. Our bodies are naturally programmed to experience slight tiredness in the afternoon and accommodating it with a snooze on your memory foam bed is a totally normal thing to do.

2) Most people respond to the mid-afternoon slump with a nice hot cup of coffee but British researchers found that giving into the urge to nap was much more effective than the caffeine. Perhaps our body truly does know what’s best!

3) One study by UC Berkeley found that napping can help your brain learn and retain information easier. This might not work as an excuse for sleeping through class, but you can rest easy after school knowing you’re doing a good thing for your brain!

Have You Scheduled Your Nap Yet? 

No doubt that napping can boost your creativity … as long as you’re doing it the right way:

  • Power naps work well when they’re timed between 10 to 30 minutes. Any longer and you might feel a little groggy.
  • Keep your body comfortable by sleeping on a cool mattress in a dark room.
  • Most important of all, enjoy your nap. This is your time, and as the science has shown, there’s no need to feel bad for getting a little shut-eye. 

So the next time you encounter an anti-napper (is there even such a thing?), send them our way and tell them Christeli approves naps.

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