Between the Sheets

While some of us only use our bedrooms for sleep, there are many things we can do to get a handle on our day right from the comfort of our own beds.

Working from Bed: How to Read, Write, and Be Productive 

We all love spending time in bed. From lingering an extra minute in the morning to the sigh of relief when we finally get to lie down at night, being in bed brings true joy. But when it comes to productivity, a bed might be one of the last things on your mind. Yet, with a little creativity, you’ll be surprised to know that productivity and comfort can go hand in hand.

Here Are Five Ways to Stay Busy in Bed

1) Plan your day. 

Whether it’s drafting a to-do list or managing a weekly planner, organizing your day can be a great way to be productive, all from the safety of your cozy sheets.

2) Read a novel. 

A great novel isn’t just for enjoyment. Reading helps you stay smart. It keeps you sharp and builds vocabulary. Nothing like a little brain workout while tucked in bed!

3) Clean up your email.

If you’re like most people with an email inbox that is a little too full for comfort, you can slide your laptop, smartphone, or tablet right into bed with you and get to work! You might even be able to get it under control, at least for the time being. 

4) Have a snooze.

While this might sound a little counterintuitive to this article, hear us out! A short nap can improve your alertness and boost your daily performance. So set your mind to ease and enjoy a brief slumber.

5) Stay comfortable.

Don’t let the focus on productivity cause you to miss out on something even more important: your comfort. Pile up those pillows, blankets, and grab that teddy bear. Invite Fido on over to your side. If you have an electric adjustable bed, position it in the perfect angle for comfort. Your mattress should be a place of relaxation and not tension. A little contentment goes a long way in elevating productivity, after all! 

How do you keep yourself busy in bed? We’re always looking for new excuses to spend more time in our luxury mattress.

Perhaps we were even in bed while writing this.

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