Between the Sheets

 Are you one of the estimated 10% of Americans that loves to sleep naked? If you are not, you might want to reconsider for the sake of your health. Here’s some reasons why sleeping without clothing is a great way to sleep.


Many of us go through the day facing stress, and we carry that into our bed and sleep time as well. Ongoing stress is terrible for the body; it increases the risk of heart disease, obesity and depression. It can suppress your immune system and keep you from getting the deep sleep you need as you are riddled with the angst of the day. How does doffing the p.j.’s help? Cuddling up to your partner or a body pillow while nude releases hormones such as oxytocin, which makes you feel good and leads you to a better night sleep. You will awake calmer and ready to face the day.


If you’re uncomfortably hot from your sleepwear, it can reduce the production of melatonin, which not only helps you fall and stay asleep, but also keeps your hair and skin healthy, producing a youthful radiance. No wonder so many models and celebrities say the most important thing in your make-up bag is a good night’s sleep!

Keeping Cool

The more tired you are, the more your body temperature drops. This gives your body the information that it’s time to wind down for the night and get some rest. A cooler room temperature or a mattress with a cooling gel is key to getting this deep sleep. If you sweat during your sleep, you will find that being nude allows it to evaporate and not cling to you.


Sleeping nude allows circulation and coolness to get to the most intimate parts of the body. It’s well known that the testes should be kept cool if a man is thinking of fathering children; the sperm needs to be at a regulated temperature. Sleeping in those tighty-whities can cause long-term issues down the road.

Women, too, benefit from being in the buff. Yeast infections and some UTIs flourish in a moist environment, and an arid environment can aid in prevention and speedy recovery.

Weight Loss

Getting the best night’s sleep possible gives you more energy for exercise.

Now toss those pajamas aside and cuddle up in the buff!

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