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Madeline 12.5" Luxury Medium
From $820.00 $1,071.00

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Versailles 10" Firm
From $635.00 $804.00

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Astoria 11.5" Medium Firm
From $723.00 $899.00

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Danieli 13.5" Luxury Medium Firm
From $1,089.00 $1,451.00

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Charleston 14.5" Grand Medium Firm
From $1,397.00 $1,811.00

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Briella 13.5" Plush Soft
From $971.00 $1,302.00

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Stockholm 7" Simply Firm
From $556.00 $677.00

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Lux Estate 14.5" Deluxe Medium Firm
From $1,761.00 $2,169.00

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Palais Grand Royale 15.5" Deluxe Medium Soft
From $2,201.00 $2,829.00

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5-Sided Mattress Protector
From $82.99 $107.99

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Christeli Jersey Mattress Protector
From $29.99 $36.99

Madeline 12.5" - Topper
From $378.00

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Highrise LT Bed Frame 13"
From $169.99 $189.99

Danieli 13.5" - Topper
From $548.00

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Prime Terry Mattress Protector
From $40.99 $51.99

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Christeli Gel Memory Foam Pillow
From $49.99 $56.99

Charleston 14.5" - Topper
From $570.00

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Woven 600 Thread Count Sheet Set
From $84.99 $115.99

Lux Estate 14.5" - Topper
From $615.00

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Smart Adjustable Bed Base
From $1,049.99 $1,299.99

Briella 13.5" - Topper
From $450.00

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Astoria 11.5" - Topper
From $403.00

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Woven Brushed Microfiber Sheet Set
From $59.99 $79.99

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Christeli Universal Bed Frame
$119.99 $135.99

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Highrise HD Bed Frame 18"
From $229.99 $249.99

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Highrise LT Headboard Bracket Set
$39.99 $49.99

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Z Triplelayer Down Pillow
From $139.99 $179.99

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Luxury Smart Adjustable Bed Base
From $1,289.99 $1,599.99

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Christeli Watson Upholstered Platform Bed
From $899.99 $1,099.00

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Christeli Reed Headboard
From $179.99 $199.99

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Christeli Eastman Upholstered Platform Bed
From $599.98 $720.00

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Christeli Miller Headboard
From $129.99 $149.99

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Christeli Gale Headboard
From $179.99 $199.99

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Luxury Weighted Blanket
From $145.99 $159.99

37 results

The Christeli Advantage

versa-core™ adjustable firmness

Dial in your ideal dream mattress by adjusting the firmness at any time. Need support that's a little more solid? Turn the Versa-Core. Searching for a softer sleep surface? Turn it again. You get the best of both worlds, having two mattresses in one for wonderful & restorative rest.

Better Edge™ Support

No more falling off the side of the bed onto the cold wood floor. No more accidental rolling towards the center and getting swallowed whole by a saggy mattress. And definitely no more short-lived beds. By adding 30% more sleeping surface, we're promising a reliable, perfect night's sleep.

Our Perfect Fit Quiz

We know a lot of time goes into finding the perfect mattress for your best life. Give our proprietary Perfect Fit Quiz a go and then call us, email us or use the chat tab anytime to make sure you get exactly what you need.

Handcrafted, Boxed & Shipped To You

Trusted for over 90 Years

Made in the USA since 1931

How to Make Your Bedroom an Oasis for Sleep

How to Make Your Bedroom an Oasis for Sleep

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The Mattress Size Guide: Dimensions & Measurements

The Mattress Size Guide: Dimensions & Measurements

Are you looking for a new memory foam mattress but overwhelmed with all of the different sizes? It’s normal to worry about buying the right bed size. After all, larger beds...
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Circadian Rhythms Keep Us On Beat

Circadian Rhythms Keep Us On Beat

Every body comes with its very own metronome to help us keep time, called circadian rhythm. Signals are sent from the brain to the body indicating when during a 24-hour period we should be awake, and when we should be asleep...
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