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Do you have any stores where I can try Christeli out?

In 2001 we decided to stop selling to retail stores. By shipping Christeli's from our factory directly to your home, we were able to cut the mark-ups and deliver the same product for around 40% less.

What is the sleep trial?

We believe sitting on a mattress in a store for five minutes to see if it's the right one doesn't work well. That's why we offer a fifty-night home trial. If it's too firm, or too soft, you can exchange it and Christeli will pay all of the shipping costs. If your new selection cost more, you simply pay the difference. If it cost less, Christeli will credit the difference. This is a one time exchange and exchanges must be for the same size. Adjustable beds, the Christeli Mattress Protector, Christeli Foundation, Down Comforter and Christeli Sheets cannot be exchanged or returned.

When will I receive my mattress?

We craft each Christeli one by one, by hand, the old fashioned way. It takes up to 14 hours to build your Christeli and then we ship it to your home. Transit time after shipment is approximately 2-5 business days. On average from the time your order until the time you receive your Christeli is 1 1/2 weeks.


Where are Christeli's made?

Every Christeli is crafted by hand in Greenville, South Carolina at our HQ.

Are your ingredients made in America?

Every single ingredient in each Christeli mattress comes from America.

Do you carry inventory?

The short answer is no. When you place an order, your Christeli is crafted fresh, just for you.

How long does it take to craft a Christeli?

Depending on the model, it can take up to 14 hours and five pairs of skilled hands to create a single Christeli.


How long does it take to ship my mattress?

Since every Christeli is made to order, it can take up to four or five working days to ship out from our workshop.

How long will it take for my mattress to arrive?

Transit times vary depending on where you live.

After crafting, here are some average transit times:

Greenville - 1 day
Atlanta - 1 day
Miami - 2 days
Dallas - 3 days
Los Angeles - 5 days
Seattle - 5 days
Chicago - 3 days
New York - 4 days
Boston - 4 days
Philadelphia - 3 days
Columbus - 3 days

Do I need to be home for delivery?

With standard delivery, you will not have to be home to accept delivery for mattresses or accessories. FedEx will leave your order at your door unless the driver feels the items won't be safe. With White Glove Delivery, you will have to be home to sign for delivery. Adjustable beds are always signature required and cannot be left at your door.

Do you deliver on Saturday or Sunday?

Unfortunately, we cannot deliver on weekends.


How long is the mattress warranty?

Every Christeli mattress is covered by our leading Lifetime Warranty. We know a mattress won't actually last a lifetime, so the first fifteen years are fully covered and that's the actual life expectancy.

After fifteen years, the warranty is pro-rated at fifty percent, meaning you can buy a new Christeli on year sixteen for half of the current price.

The reason we offer such an amazing warranty is because we want you sleeping on Christeli for life! This way you continue to tell your friends and family about your amazing experience.

What does the mattress warranty cover?

Your Christeli warranty covers manufacturing defects like body impressions or defects in the cover.

We do not cover changes to your mattress that are the result of normal wear and tear or changes caused by circumstances that go beyond the intended use of a mattress.

What if my mattress forms impressions?

That's unlikely to happen for at least 10-15 years. However, if you observe a visual impression great than 1 1/4 of an inch, please let us know so we can help replace the mattress.

How do I use my warranty if I think I have a defect?

If you think your Christeli mattress may have a defect, give us a call to let us know what's going on. Usually a few pictures will help illustrate your concern so we can help.

How long is the adjustable bed warranty?

Every adjustable bed model is covered by our 20-Year Pro-Rated Warranty. The first year is non pro-rated and all parts and labor are fully covered.

How long is the mattress protector warranty?

Christeli mattress protector is covered by our 5 year warranty.


Will I feel my partner move around?

Our foam is designed to isolate movement, so you won't feel your partner move in bed.

Does the mattress smell or off-gas?

There might be a new mattress scent for a few hours, but it goes away very quickly. The scent is not from any harmful chemicals.

Do Christeli mattresses sleep warm?

We get asked this question everyday, but in fact, sleeping warm on a Christeli is not an issue. Unlike generic memory foam, Christeli® Foam is crafted with an open cell design, so air can freely pass through allowing warm air to escape.

Can I use my existing box spring?

You can use your existing box spring if it's in new condition. You can also place your Christeli mattress on a platform bed, the floor or a slatted bed frame — just make sure the slats are no further apart than four inches. If they are indeed wider, you can use plywood or a bunkie board.

What is the weight capacity?

Christeli mattresses are designed to support up to 300 lbs per person, for a total of 600 lbs on a two sleeper size.

Lux Estate and Palais Grand Royale models will support up to 400 lbs per person, for a total of 800 lbs on a two sleeper size.

Is there a "break-in" or adjustment period?

While most Christeli owners experience their best sleep ever the first night, others may need some time for their body to adjust to a healthy sleep surface, sometimes up to 20 night's!

Can I use a heating pad?

You can absolutely use a heating pad.

Does it contain formaldehyde?

We do not use formaldehyde, ever.

Do you use flame retardants?

We use a proprietary flame retardant sock that's made of silica, and there are no chemical flame retardants in our foam.

Do any models have a pillow top?

We do not make any pillow top mattresses. Every Christeli is designed so you to sleep close to our Christeli® Foam.


What sizes do Christeli come in?

We craft Christeli's in all US-Standard sizes.

Can you make a custom size?

Absolutely! We can truly craft any size and radius you need.

Do you make RV sizes?

We craft all standard RV sizes, and any custom shape you need for your RV.

How tall are Christeli's?

Christeli mattresses start from seven inches tall and go up to over fifteen inches, depending on the model.

What is the difference between King and Cal-King?

A California King is four inches narrower and four inches longer than a standard King.

• Cal-King 72"W x 84"L
• King 76"W x 80"L


What is Christeli memory material?

Christeli® foam is composed of billions of micro cells that adapt, cushion and support your body. Sensitive to body temperature, it conforms to every nook and cranny of your body, evenly distributing your weight allowing you to fully relax.

Our foam is proprietary to the Christeli brand because we actually invented it. No other foam in the world feels as luxurious as Christeli® memory material.

Adjustable Beds

Do all Christeli models work on adjustable beds?

Yes. We have designed each model to bend and work properly with our adjustable bed foundations.

Are all your adjustable bed sizes split?

King and cal-king size adjustable bases are always split to allow them to pass through a doorway. Both work with a split or non-split mattress. If you decide on a non-split mattress, the two bases can work together from one control to adjust in sync.

All other sizes are non-split.

Where are your adjustable beds made?

Our adjustable beds are crafted in America with American ingredients with the exception of the electronics, those are imported.

How tall are your adjustable beds?

From the floor up to the top of the base, it's fourteen inches. We also offer leg extenders and shorter legs to accommodate your height needs. These are sold separately.

What is the weight capacity for the Ergomatic 1000?

Twin 400 lbs.
Twin XL 400 lbs.
Full 400 lbs.
Full XL 400 lbs.
Queen 620 lbs.

What is the weight capacity for the Ergomatic 4000?

Twin 400 lbs.
Twin XL 400 lbs.
Full 400 lbs.
Full XL 400 lbs.
Queen 700 lbs.


Luxury, Functionality and Affordability

At Christeli we not only pride ourselves on luxury and functionality, but we also know price can be the leading factor in making a major purchase. Today, after more than 80 years in business, we are one of the leading internet bedding retailers and direct-to-customer mattress manufacturers in America. Because Christeli is online only, there is no middle man or unnecessary overhead to increase our prices. Our factory-to-customer direct approach provides the ability to sell our products up to 70% less than competitors. For instance, compared to Tempurpedic ® prices, you'll often find more than $1,000 in savings in buying Christeli. Combined with a high-quality, exclusive Christeli™ Memory Foam, and a lifetime warranty, it's clear Christeli should be your mattress company of choice. Remember: a functional mattress can be beautiful, and an affordable mattress can be luxurious.

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