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Stitch by stitch For You

The secret to our success

Let's start with the christeli advantage

Most of our beautifully handcrafted mattresses come with our proprietary Versa-Core™ base and Better Edge™ support technology. Two unique features that you won't find anywhere else. Shop smart and sleep well with greater comfort and flexibility .

Versa-core™ Adjustable firmness

Dial in your ideal dream mattress by adjusting the firmness at any time. Need support that's a little more solid? Turn the Versa-Core™. Searching for a softer sleep surface? Turn it again. You get the best of both worlds, having two mattresses in one for wonderful & restorative rest.

Better Edge™

No more falling off the side of the bed onto the cold wood floor. No more accidental rolling towards the center and getting swallowed whole by a saggy mattress. And definitely no more short-lived beds. By adding 30% more sleeping surface, we're promising a reliable, perfect night's sleep.

And Now here's what goes into crafting a Christeli Mattress

When we craft our beds, every single stitch matters. We develop mattresses that make the difference—not just in how you sleep, slumber & snooze, but in how you live. From the cool side of the pillow pressing against your cheek to the first sip of tea as you tuck in for the night, we've got you covered.

14 Hours of assembly

It takes us an average of 14 hours to build each and every mattress by hand. We believe in taking our time to produce perfection.

150+ Iterations

Every Christeli mattress has gone through at least 150 prototypes before it's ready to become your bed. Your sweet dreams are in the (tiniest) details.

320 hours of training

Every craftsman at Christeli undertakes a minimum of 320 hours of training before they're ready to make a mattress of their own.

Keeping You Cool, Always

Our super cool memory foam is made up of large open cells that are twice the size of any other foam on the market. This means constant airflow through the foam (even when it's contoured to your body) so heat never ever builds up while you're snuggled in bed. No more night sweats = much sweeter mornings.


We only use organic cotton covers, grown in the USA without the use of synthetic chemicals (like fertilizers or pesticides). Obviously, we meet the USDA requirements, and our cotton covers are the softest in the world. (We're not kidding. Most people don't even want to put sheets over them.) Add in extreme breathability for cool sleep, and it's a recipe for ultimate rest.

Discover Better Sleep Today

Order today and expect to receive your handcrafted Christeli mattress within 7-10 days.

Our prefect fit quiz

We know a lot of time goes into finding the perfect mattress for your best life. Give our proprietary Perfect Fit Quiz a go and then call us, email us or use the chat tab anytime to make sure you get exactly what you need.

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