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Our 100 Night sleep trial

We want you to love your Christeli mattress and know it can take the body at least 20 days to adjust to a new mattress. So, we give you 100 nights to try it out for free with the ability to exchange it if you aren't satisfied.

Relax and Adjust

For many, our Christeli mattresses are love at first sleep. But some people need a few weeks for their body to fully adjust to the unique and proper support of a handcrafted memory foam mattress.

Don't sweat it, it normally takes about 20 days to adjust, this is perfectly normal and well within our 100 night trial period. You might wake up ruffled for a week or two as your body adapts, but you’ll soon experience the best sleep of your life.

Why does this occasionally happen?

It’s a great question. The truth is most mattresses aren't made to adequately support your body’s natural shape. So, over the years, your body has become accustomed to insufficient support and been forced to compensate.

Because of that compensation, your body is not used to the correct support your new Christeli mattress provides. It’s like your body is now slowly unwinding and returning to a more balanced state. It may be a bit of a process, but trust us, it’s worth it.

100 Night Sleep Trial Policy

Christeli beds (i.e., mattresses) are covered by an in home Sleep Trial Period that begins the day your new Christeli bed arrives.  The Sleep Trial Period for Christeli beds is 100 nights.  If, after sleeping on your new bed for a full 20 nights, you are not completely satisfied, contact us before the end of the 100 Night Sleep Trial Period to arrange for the exchange of your purchase.  Please note items exchanged at any time under the Sleep Trial Policy do not qualify for a new in home Sleep Trial Period.  The in home Sleep Trial Policy only applies to products specifically listed in this section and does not apply to products previously exchanged under any other policy.  For any permitted returns, return fees (including but not limited to shipping or pick-up fees) may apply.  Depending on the product purchased, the only available return option may be to have the product picked up by us at your cost.