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People deserve exceptional sleep, especially during times of exceptional hardship. Cut to my great grandfather, making mattresses during the Great Depression and selling them straight out of his factory. People were going to sleep no matter what, and he knew the difference a solid night's rest could make—not only in their mindset, but in their entire lives.

Grandfather's Vision

My grandfather excitedly took over the family business of promising better sleep, introducing new technology that took operations to an entirely new level.

The Air Mattress Arrives

My father designed and marketed the very first adjustable air mattress, forever changing the way people had slumber parties, and hosted out of towners in their home. (After all, nothing says hospitality quite like setting your guests up for plenty of quality ZZZs.)

A Son Takes the Reigns

I started officially working for the family business after spending my whole childhood in (and around) the mattress factory, learning the mechanics down to every last detail, and letting all things sleep seep into my very core.

$1.3 Million Sold

We sold over 1.3 million dollars in mattresses over a short span of two days online. And thus, the Christeli brand was born. (Cue the fanfare.)

Giving Back

Christeli served 50,000 plates of food to hungry Americans. After all, we're all about a better quality of life, from good sleep to full stomachs. For each mattress sold, we donated 20 plates of food.

A New Beginning

Christeli waved farewell to the family business to start its very own independent factory, focussed solely on e-commerce and higher quality products to give our customers higher quality lives. (Plain and simple.) It comes down to building our mattresses one by one, the old fashioned way.

Sleep Well

We purchased a state of the art factory dedicated to excellent service and the very best quality. Moving forward, we'll be storing more inventory, doubling our output, and spreading remarkable mattresses—for really good sleep—around like confetti.

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