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Luxury Mattress Sheets: What’s the Best Thread Count?

Luxury Mattress Sheets: What’s the Best Thread Count?

If you’ve just purchased a new memory foam mattress or currently own one, you might be wondering what’s the best thread count for new sheets or pillowcases? Traditionally, a higher thread count is supposed to mean a higher quality bed sheet. Unfortunately, marketing companies quickly found out how to game the system by using artificial threads. That means a 600-count bed sheet might not be as comfortable as a higher quality 250 count sheet.

Because manufacturers are now inflating bed sheet thread counts, it might be a better idea to just use the number as a reference and look at other factors instead.

Comparing Bed Sheet Qualities & Comfort

If you’re worried about artificial thread counts, here are a few different factors you can use to determine the quality of your bed sheets.

Fabric Material: A high-quality fabric will often be more comfortable than a poor-quality sheet with high thread counts. If you’re looking for premium comfort and luxurious softness, consider looking for authentic Egyptian cotton sheets. Watch out for synthetic cotton blends as these types of sheets often don’t feel soft to the touch.

Weave: Most people don’t realize that many bed sheets are woven differently. A few of the popular weave types include sateen, percale, and satin. The type of weave in your bed sheet can affect how it feels when slept in.

Location: While not always an indicator of quality, be mindful of the origin of your sheets. For example, French or Italian sheets tend to be of higher quality than those found in China or Pakistan.

It’s Too Confusing!

If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed trying to decide on what bedsheet is best for your memory foam bed, you might just want to try to feel the sheets in a store before making your purchase. There’s no better indicator on quality than touching the sheets and finding out if they feel soft to you.