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Size Guide

Are you looking for a new mattress but feel overwhelmed with all of the different sizes? It’s normal to worry about buying the right bed size. After all, larger beds can cost you more money and they might not fit where you want them to. And there’s nothing worse than realizing the bed you bought is too small! While you can always call/text us at (888) 970-3563 or email us at with your questions, here’s an easy mattress sizing guide you can use to determine the measurements of your new bed.

Twin Size Mattress

Size: 38” x 75”

Twin-sized beds are one of the smallest types of beds and are often used by children. Single adults can also use a twin-sized mattress if there’s limited space in the room. This size of bed is also popular in college dorm rooms.

Twin Size Extra Long

Size: 38” x 80”

Twin-sized extra long beds have the same width as a normal twin-sized mattress but are 5 inches longer. Extra long beds are good options for adults or college students.

Full Size

Size: 53” x 75”

Full-sized beds are considerably larger than twins and are best suited for one sleeper. Some couples may buy a full-sized bed thinking there’s enough room for two only to realize it feels a little cramped. In fact, many couples end up having to replace their full-sized mattress later on as it’s simply not large enough for two people. However, if you’re a single person, a full-sized mattress can be rather spacious and comfortable to sleep on.

Queen Size

Size: 60” x 80”

A queen mattress offers a large and comfortable space for a single person to sleep. It’s also considered to be the minimum size a couple should buy.

King Size

Size: 72” x 80”

King-sized beds are one of the largest options available and are perfect for couples who want a spacious sleeping surface. Single adults can also buy king-sized beds if they’re looking for a luxurious sleeping experience.

California King

Size 72” x 84”

California King-sized mattresses are like king-sized beds. The only difference is they’re slightly longer.

For more information on our different mattresses, check out our mattress page.