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Customers Love Christeli

We've learned a thing or two from making mattresses in South Carolina since 1931, but don't take our word for it. We let customers speak for us.

Based on 90 reviews
This is our 2nd Christeli mattress purchase

10 years ago we bought a Christeli Astoria mattress. We upgraded this year to a Danieli and have been very pleased again. The little bit of extras between the 2 were well worth it. Slept great immediately.

Mattress Cover

Fits nicely! Good price point & value

Great bed!

We bought the Charleston bed 6 years ago and love it. When it came time to replace another mattress we knew exactly what bed to buy. Btw, our 6 year old Charleston is as comfortable as ever and look forward to many years with both beds.

Firmness was over rated

It said medium firm on the material and not Firm as was told to me. Do you guys make Firm only and not just medium firm
If so would like to exchange it Also I did not expect the mattress to be folded in a box on delivery
Otherwise overall experience was good

Love it

I've had a couple protectors in the past and they weren't as good as this one. I spent $1k on a mattress so it makes sense. soft and i don't feel it when it is on.


Me and hubby splurged and bought this with a Christeli split king Charleston. WE ARE OBSESSED. so comfortable and don't want to leave bed! Love Christeli. Hubby uses the app. I use the remote. haha. Mattress is so comfy too. Thnk you!

Worth it

Bought it with the mattress. Nothing fancy. Easy set up. Would recommend. Pretty high off the ground. Connected to a headboard we got on amazon pretty easily.

Simple and effective

super easy set up. seems sturdy. Good storage space! Shipped really quickly too.

Perfect mattress for us

We had been sleeping on a Christeli Briella mattress for 8 years, but had come to believe we wanted something a little more firm. Our new Christeli Charleston Grand was love at first sleep. My husband (235 lbs) sleeps on his back and I’m (195 lbs) a side sleeper. On the old Briella I sometimes woke up too hot. Christeli has improved their foam because that doesn’t happen on the new Charleston mattress. Couldn’t be happier. Thanks, Christeli, for improving our sleep!

Sleeping in heavenly peace!

I purchased this mattress for my oldest son. He loves it and looks forward to coming home from college. He sleeps peacefully and sound. The mattress does not hold heat like some others. My 11 y/o enjoyed his big brothers mattress so much, we purchased one for him as well! We have a total of three sets of Christeli mattresses in our home and were looking to add one more for our guest room. We would love it if Christeli helped us with that purchase.

Second purchase

My wife and I have purchased two of these beds and absolutely love them! Super comfortable and durable, I am a loyal customer!

This is the 5th mattress I have bought from Christeli. The customer service is helpful and professional, and their mattresses are so comfortable while being very supportive.

Great nights sleep!

We had our mattress delivered during COVID - It's wonderful!

Cozy Down Pillow
gene m.
Excellent sleep and quality

This is our second Grand Palais. We are treating our guests to a wonderful nights sleep. Very good quality. The ability to change the layers for an adjustable comfort is valuable!

Absolutely the best mattress ever!

I absolutely love mine. I sleep so very well and wake refreshed and revived.

Perfect bed!

GET THIS MATTRESS! I am obsessed with this mattress. Very comfortable. I sleep like a baby. Also customer service is awesome. Very responsive.

Cozy Down Pillow
Laura P.
Favorite Pillows!

The whole family loves these, and we have them in every bedroom. Supportive but cushy, they are great! Seriously the best pillows out there.

Awesome bed and sleep

The bed provides the right firmness and leads to a great sleep.

The best mattress, the best quality and the best service!

Bought our mattress over the phone as I live in Canada. They don't have a shipping option through their website for Canada but after shipping and conversions our Madeline ended up being cheaper than nearly every other comparable option in store in Ontario!

Speaking with the staff at Christeli was so easy and they were all extremely helpful. Even had great input on what mattress to get which ended up having us downgrade to a cheaper mattress which really shows they aren't out for the most profit, they really want you to have the perfect mattress for what you need.


This Danieli 13.5 has made a big difference for my wife and I. We do sleep better and more comfortably. Our other mattress we had for 3.5 years brand new and wasn’t good after that. This mattress has made a big difference for us.

Ergomatic 4000
Margaret M.
You sent the wrong item and won’t pick it up

Finally received a queen set, but am still burdened with the not ordered king box mattress you wouldn’t retrieve. I have no one to lift this out of here.

No doubt

I bought my second Christeli mattress! There is absolutely zero smell, and it’s the most comfortable bed I’ve ever used. I’ve never slept better, thank you!

Most Comfortable Bed We Have Owned

We have 3 king size Briella beds in two homes. It is the most comfortable bed we have ever owned. I like a softer bed to help prevent hip pain and this bed keeps me pain free. Many of our guests have found this bed to be one of the best beds they have slept in.

2nd Purchase and more to come!!

We purchased our first mattress 6 years ago and loved it. When my son left for college, we ordered one for him as well. He says he's never slept better and has a hard time sleeping on other beds now. This is a bed he will keep for years to come!

Best mattress around

All my kids’ four bedrooms have one of these mattresses. We love the perfect firmness and that’s it is made in the US.

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Check out our beautiful handcrafted mattresses with Ortho-Core™ base adjustability and Better Edge™ stability.

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