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Customer Reviews

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Great bedframe

Great bedframe!! This is our 2nd one. The first lasted 13 years. We love all of the space under the bed!! We live in a studio apartment so there is not much space.

One star

This mattress did not meet my expectations…. I will have to shop & purchase a mattress at a later date.

High quality and great service!


The most comfortable mattress ever. I have been a customer for years and bought my second one recently. The customer service is above and beyond. They respond so fast and resolve issues with ease. Love my mattress. Customer for life

Best mattress ever

This is my 3 Christeli mattress and again no disappointment. So comfy, good price and free delivery. The best 🩷

Fabulous mattress. Cozy , warm and comfy providing a wonderful nights sleep

My 3rd mattress purchase the best ever. Love my bed!

Sleeping Well Again

Our new Christeli topper arrived super quick and fit perfectly on the mattress/boxspring. We flipped the mattress first to its “firm” side and then topped it with the firm topper. Voila, done! There was a very faint odor for about three hours while we slept on it, but it was soon only a memory. Husband’s morning back ache disappeared as well following the first night.

We are very happy that we were able to solve the “new mattress” question so quickly and without a major outlay. Thank you!

mattress topper

very satisfiedmattress topper

5-Sided Mattress Protector
Shane B.

5-Sided Mattress Protector

Christeli Universal Bed Frame
Sharon D.
Don't waste your money

Put the frame together and made it wide enough for a queen bed. But the length was 9 inches to short. We put the mattress on anyway. When we lay on the bed the sides of the mattress went throught tbe rails and touched the floor. Very disappointed.

2nd Christeli

This was our 2nd one. Perfect body comfort and a great night's sleep.


I had previously owned the Christeli Tiffany and loved it. I contacted christeli asking if they had something comparable. The sales representative recommended the Christeli Performance luxury medium firm. It is perfect! I will never purchase a mattress from anywhere else.

Christeli Performance 13.5" Plush Soft Mattress

We bought a Christeli Performance to go on an adjustable bed for our son in 2015. After an emergency surgery, he was no longer able to sleep comfortably because of positioning. He has thoroughly enjoyed the Christeli Performance! So when I needed an adjustable bed, I knew I wanted a Christeli Performance, too. It has been so comfortable and has provided some of the best sleep I've had in a long time. Thank you so much!

Firm but soft and luxurious!

I’m a soft bed kind of person but as I get older I realize soft isn’t doing me any good! Love this bed! It’s in our guest room and guests love it too!

Great Company

When I first received the The Christeli Classic "Simply Firm" it did not match the firmness of the same model I had ordered several years ago. Nancy S. then replaced the bed with a custom bed to match the previous specs.

Fantastic customer service!

Never Should Have Strayed....

Purchased a queen size Christeli Performance back in 2014 and LOVED IT! In 2021 we moved up to another name brand king size soft pillow top mattress. Worst two years of sleep I have ever had, thought it would conform and it did not. Purchased a Christeli Performance King Size and have loved it. My back pain, shoulder pain, and sleepless nights are over. Sleeping like I did from 2014 to 2021, I never should have strayed away from CHRISTELI. I have learned my less and will stay a loyal member of the CHRISTELI Family.

Smart Adjustable Bed Base
Sarah H.
Game changer!

Love the adjustable bed! Big differences in lower back pain and ability to breathe easier with head raised. Just wish their was a lumbar feature.

Life changer!

I was given a Christeli mattress a few years ago and have loved it. Because of back pain and the need to sleep with my upper body raises, I decided to purchase a split king mattress and adjustable frame from Christeli. My back and hip pain is gone and I can breathe better with my body raised. I would highly recommend Christeli for any sleeping needs!

Super Fast & Comfy

Nancy S in customer service was super helpful expediting my our order. It arrived in record time even after being delayed a day by shipper. The Christeli Performance mattress is very comfortable. This is our 4th happy mattress purchase from Christeli. Thanks Nancy


We slept on this for the first time at a friends, this is now our second king we have bought for ourselves. It is incredible comfortable mattress especially for the price should cost more but glad it doesn’t.

Kadence Pearson

Customer service? Didn't need them. Box arrived, unboxed, plopped it down. Easy peasy, even for me.

Madalyn Hanson

Made in the USA? Sounds good in theory. Don't really care as long as it doesn't spontaneously combust.

Hayley Singleton

Christeli, bed, hmm...not bad! Didn't make me want to throw it out the window

Brodie Benton

Sleep revolution? Nah, same old snooze. But hey, not a lumpy nightmare zone. Could be way worse.

Brecken Daugherty

Roomy enough for me and my existential dread. No more midnight battles for blanket space. Sleep victory!