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The Christeli Advantage

At Christeli, we understand how stressful it can be to buy a mattress online, which is why we created our revolutionary two-piece mattresses. These mattresses take the risk out of buying a new mattress online because they’re adjustable and allow you to find your ideal firmness level. How does this work? Let us explain.

Our Christeli Performance and Christeli Luxury mattresses consist of two pieces (shipped in two separate boxes): a bottom piece, which has both a firm side and a soft side that you can access by flipping the mattress over, and a top piece, which is detachable and gets zipped in to either side of the bottom piece. Let’s say you set up your Christeli mattress and are sleeping on the softer side but realize after a couple of weeks that you need it a little firmer. All you do is unzip the top piece from the bottom piece, flip the bottom piece over to the firmer side, and re-zip the top piece into place. And if you find after a time, you want your mattress a little softer, just flip it back over! It’s that easy to find your ultimate comfort because our two-piece mattresses increase the firmness range of a single mattress. Check out our handy video below to see how it all works.

The great thing about our mattresses is that it’s like buying two mattresses for the price of one and takes the guesswork out of mattress shopping. It also extends the life of your mattress because when it’s time to get a new one, you can keep the bottom piece (which doesn’t get as much wear and tear as the top piece) and just replace the top piece (a cheaper and easier purchase)!

Other Great Benefits of a Christeli Mattress

  • Better Edge Technology

    All of our mattresses include our dynamic Better Edge Technology, which adds 30% more sleep surface to your mattress and offers reinforced edges for comfort and stability. And all of our mattresses work with adjustable beds.

  • American Made with Organic Materials

    Every bed is handmade to order in our factory located in South Carolina, and all of our materials are always sourced within the United States. We use only organic cotton - no dyes, chemicals, or pesticides.

  • Cool Memory Foam

    We use Cool Memory Foam, so our mattresses keep firm without an increase in temperature. With our Cool Memory Foam, air circulates around your body and through the mattress so warm air is channeled toward the bottom, while fresh, cool air circulates toward the top. Our memory foam has 10x the airflow of other memory foams.

  • Free, Quick Shipping

    Every mattress is inspected by a Master Craftsperson once completed and shipped to you within 5-7 business days.

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