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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a Christeli mattress different from other companies' mattresses?

At Christeli, we understand how stressful it can be to buy a mattress online, which is why we created our revolutionary two-piece mattresses. These mattresses take the risk out of buying a new mattress online because they’re adjustable and allow you to find your ideal firmness level. Our Christeli two-piece mattresses are like buying two mattresses in one! 

Why are some Christeli mattresses one piece and others are two pieces?

Christeli sells both one and two-piece mattresses based on your needs.  

Our Christeli Classic mattress line is a one piece mattress and our Christeli Performance and Christeli Luxury lines are two pieces: a bottom piece, which has both a firm side and a soft side that you can access by flipping the mattress over, and a top piece, which is detachable and gets zipped into the bottom piece. 

Let’s say you set up your Christeli mattress and are sleeping on the softer side but realize after a couple of weeks that you need it a little firmer. All you do is unzip the top piece from the bottom piece, flip the bottom piece over to the firmer side, and re-zip the top piece into place. And if you find after a time, you want your mattress a little softer, just flip it back over! It’s that easy to find your ultimate comfort because our two-piece mattresses increase the firmness range of a single mattress. Learn more about our two-piece mattresses here.

What types of bottom pieces does Christeli offer for two-piece mattresses?

Christeli offers a foam or a hybrid bottom piece option for our two-piece mattresses. The foam bottom piece is made up of multiple layers of durable foam. It provides a slightly softer experience with a more consistent feel. The hybrid bottom piece is made up of pocketed coil and durable foam. It provides a slightly firmer experience, with the coils hugging the body for a more responsive feel, more bounce, and increased breathability.

Both bottom piece options are flippable, have soft and firm sides, and attach to the top piece with a zipper.

Do you have any stores where I can try out Christeli mattresses?

In 2001, we decided to stop selling to retail stores. By shipping Christeli mattresses from our factory directly to your home, we were able to cut the mark-ups and deliver the same product as our major competitors for around 20% less.

Can I use my existing box spring?

Yes! You can use your existing box spring if it's in new condition. You can also place your Christeli mattress on a platform bed, the floor, or a slatted bed frame — just make sure the slats on the bed frame are no further than 4 inches apart. If they are wider than that, you can use plywood or a bunkie board.

Do all Christeli mattresses work with adjustable beds?

Yes! All Christeli mattresses are compatible with our adjustable bed lines.

What sizes do Christeli mattresses come in?

We craft Christeli mattresses in all standard sizes including:

Twin (38” W x 75” L)

Twin XL (38” W x 80” L)

Full (54” W x 75” L)

Queen (60” W x 80” L)

King (76” W x 80” L)

California King (72” W x 84” L)

How tall are Christeli mattresses?

Depending on the mattress model, Christeli mattresses range from 10” to 14”:

Christeli Classic mattresses are 10” tall.

Christeli Performance mattresses are 12” tall.

Christeli Luxury mattresses are 14” tall.

What is the weight capacity of Christeli mattresses?

Christeli mattresses are designed to support up to 300 lbs for twin and twin XL mattresses and 600 lbs for full, queen, king, and california king mattresses.

Is there a "break-in" or adjustment period?

It depends. Some people are comfortable on a new mattress their first night and others take up to a month. To help you sleep at night, Christeli offers a 100-night home sleep trial to make sure the mattress is the right fit.

Do Christeli mattresses sleep warm?

No. Unlike generic memory foam, Christeli uses foam that is crafted with an open cell design, so air can freely pass through, allowing warm air to escape. If you’re concerned that you may sleep warm, we recommend purchasing a mattress protector here which will create an additional cooling layer.

Will I feel my partner move around?

No. Our foam is designed to isolate movement, so you will feel minimal to no movement from your partner on your mattress.

What is the 100-night sleep trial?

All Christeli Mattresses come with a 100-night home sleep trial to see if your new mattress is a good fit. We ask that you give yourself time to adjust to the new mattress (for most people that generally takes 3-4 weeks). 

For our one piece mattresses, we will replace the whole mattress. For our two-piece mattresses we will replace the top piece. If it's too firm, or too soft, you can exchange it for a top piece of a different firmness. If your new selection costs more than what you originally paid, you simply pay the difference. If it costs less, Christeli will credit the difference. We cover the shipping costs. This is a one-time exchange and exchanges must be for the same size.

What does the mattress warranty cover?

Your 10-year Christeli mattress warranty covers manufacturing defects like body impressions or defects in the cover. We do not cover changes to your mattress that are the result of normal wear and tear, or changes caused by circumstances that go beyond the intended use of a mattress. Please refer to our Warranty page here for more information.

How do you deliver my Christeli mattress?

All Christeli mattresses are handcrafted, compressed, rolled, and boxed for ease of shipping. All Christeli mattresses are shipped directly to your door by FedEx (no signature required). 

Our one-piece mattresses are shipped in one box and can weigh up to 60 lbs. Our two-piece mattresses are shipped in two boxes, and each box can weigh up to 60 lbs. 

Our two-piece mattresses are shipped together in separate boxes, but sometimes those boxes separate during the shipping process and may arrive over a 2-day period. 

The weight and size of the boxes can vary depending on the mattress type and size.

When will I receive my mattress?

Since every Christeli mattress is made to order, it can take up to 4-5 working days to ship out from our workshop. Transit times vary depending on where you live, but you can expect to receive your order about 7-10 business days after it’s been placed.

Do I need to be home for delivery?

Mattresses and accessories are always delivered without a signature required. If you would prefer FedEx to deliver your mattress or accessory with a signature, email us at with your order number. 

Please note that after your mattress or accessory ships with signature required, we cannot change your delivery to no signature required.

Do you deliver on Saturdays and Sundays?

Yes! Because we have partnered with FedEx for all deliveries, mattresses and accessories are delivered 7 days a week.

Where are Christeli mattresses made?

Every Christeli mattress is crafted by hand in Greenville, South Carolina.

Are your materials made in America?

Yes! All materials in our mattresses are sourced from the United States, and we use only organic cotton - no dyes, chemicals, fertilizers, or pesticides.

Are your foams CertiPUR-certified?

Yes! In our continued commitment to providing natural and organic materials, all of the foams that we use are CertiPUR-certified. Please see the CertiPUR website here for more information.

Do you use flame retardants?

We use a proprietary laminated flame retardant that's made of natural products, and there are no chemical flame retardants in our foam.

Do Christeli adjustable beds and bed frames come with headboard brackets?

No. Christeli adjustable beds and bed frames do not come with headboard brackets. If you would like to attach a headboard to the adjustable bed or bed frame, you will have to purchase headboard brackets separately, which we sell here.