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Pairing Your New Bed With The Right Pillow

Pairing Your New Bed With The Right Pillow

Finding a Pillow To Go With Your Luxury Mattress 

You’ve invested in the best mattress for the money, but what about your pillow? A cozy spot to rest your head is just as important as a comfortable mattress. The best pillow will place your body in a midline position, supporting your spine and providing just the right amount of “fluff” to cushion your head.

When choosing a pillow, consider your sleeping style.

If you sleep on your side, look for a pillow with a medium firmness that supports your neck and keeps your spine straight. For back sleepers, memory foam works well in cradling your head and neck. If you’re a stomach sleeper, consider changing your position. We’d hate to see you wake up stiff from this style. If you must, then a lower profile pillow will help ensure your neck isn’t angled too high.

A good pillow will fit all your contours and leave you waking up as good as new.