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What Does Your Sleeping Position Say About Your Personality?

What Does Your Sleeping Position Say About Your Personality?

When speaking to someone, do you cross your arms or let them hang by your side? Do you lean away or into the person who is talking? How about when you’re asleep? Do you spread out like a snow angel or curl up in a tiny ball?

How you position yourself in bed while you’re sleeping, with or without a companion, can tell a lot about who you are in a waking state.

Below are some of the most common sleeping positions. Find out what yours says about you. If you sleep in more than one position, you have the attributes of both.

Common Sleeping Positions

THE LITTLE BALL: This is also known as the fetal position. You’re curled up on your side, knees tucked into your chest, elbows bent and close. This is one of the most common positions, and more women than men favor it when sleeping. Interestingly, according to, people who sleep in this position have higher levels of education.

What it Says About You: Most people don’t know it, but you’ve got a tender heart and you like to feel safe and protected. You’re rather sensitive, in a positive manner. You may be a bit introverted, but you do like people, so when you warm up and feel comfortable in a group, you can be the center of attention.

THE SNUGGLER: Whether you’re hugging your pillow, a stuffed animal, or your partner, you like the security of embracing something while you sleep.

What it Says About You: You put your personal relationships high on life’s priority list. You like to feel close to people and you’re very affectional. You prefer to be cozy, all snuggled up, which releases endorphins which cause pleasure.

THE TUMMY SLEEPER: You’re most comfortable on your stomach, head turned to one side, legs spread, with your arms wrapped around your pillow.

What it Says About You: You are outgoing and loving. You need to speak your mind, but you still have to find your comfort zone. You prefer to be in control, but often feel like you’re not. You are sensitive to criticism. Interestingly, tummy sleepers sometimes wake up feeling anxious. And when it comes to waking up, you usually need a kick start to get you going.

THE PILLAR: You’re most comfortable flat on your back with your arms by your side.

What it Says About You: Even though you’re probably reserved, keep your emotions to yourself, and don’t say much, you’re constantly thinking. You hold yourself to high standards, as you do to others. Even though you’re often disappointed because of those ideals, you tend to let it go when things don’t go your way.

THE FLAGPOLE: You lie on one side or the other, with your arms by your side, held tight to your body.

What it Says About You: While your sleep position is unforgiving or stiff, you’re not like that when you’re awake in any manner. You’re an extrovert and love to be around people. You’re friendly and popular, but are also very trusting to a fault, even with strangers. If this is you, be careful you don’t allow people with agendas to take advantage of you.

THE SUNBATHER: If you sleep flat on your back with your arms open above or clasped under your head, then you’re this type of sleeper.

What it Says About You: You like to chill out and relax, just as if you were at the beach. You are open to suggestions, happy to go with the flow, and put a priority on making those around you around you happy as well. It gives you great satisfaction to do for others, and see them in a good mood, knowing you were a part of their emotion.

THE REACHER: You sleep on your side, with your arms held out front like you’re trying to grasp something just out of your reach.

What it Says About You: You’re prudent and cautious, taking your time to make decisions and friends. But once your mind is made up, you stick to your choice. While you try to be open-minded, your caution can allow your pessimistic or mistrustful side free reign, causing anxiety.

THE SPRAWLER: You prefer to stretch out, and you’ve got your arms and legs spread apart, pretty much taking up the entire bed.

What it Says About You: You’re extremely wide open in all areas of your life, welcoming all that comes to you. You’re glad to be the center of attention, or you can share the spotlight with someone else. You prefer to have a plethora of friends, and you try to be there for them as much as you are able. You welcome in all that comes to you, but are difficult sleeping with a partner, since you enjoy the entire bed.

There are many different positions in which to sleep, and you choose the one that is most comfortable and relaxing to you. Which type of sleeper are you?