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The Christeli Luxury Mattress Top Piece

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Do you still love your Christeli two-piece mattress but need an upgrade and don't want to replace the whole thing? We offer you the option of replacing the top piece (saving you time, money, and hassle), while still allowing you to keep your original bottom piece.

    The Christeli Luxury Mattress Top Piece is 4.5" thick, made up of a combination of natural latex, CertiPUR temperature response foam, and 1.5” of thick, quilted organic cotton. 

    How to Choose the Right Top Piece?

    Here's what we need to know in order to get you the right top piece:

    • Attachment: How does your original top piece connect to your original bottom piece: straps, buttons, or zippers?
    • Mattress Size: What size is your original mattress?
    • Comfort Level: From soft to firm, we've got you covered.

    Some Notes about Our Comfort Levels

    • Our SOFT mattresses sleep like a cloud with a fair amount of give. They have a firmness scale score of 4 and are perfect for side sleepers.
    • Our MEDIUM mattresses sleep like a supported cloud with balanced firmness. They have a firmness scale score of 6 and are perfect for side, back, and stomach sleepers.
    • Our FIRM mattresses sleep like a supportive sleeping surface with a small amount of give. They have a firmness scale score of 8 and are perfect for back and stomach sleepers.
    • The Christeli Advantage

      We created our revolutionary two-piece mattresses to take the risk out of buying a new mattress - they’re adjustable so you can find your ideal firmness level. Learn more here

    • Better Edge Technology

      Our two-piece mattress designs use Better Edge™ technology. By making the mattress edge more supportive, we have expanded the sleep surface by up to 30%.

    • 100-Night Trial

      All Christeli mattresses come up with a 100-night home sleep trial to see if your new mattress is a good fit.

    • 10-Year Warranty

      Christeli offers a 10-year mattress warranty that covers manufacturing defects.

    • USA Made with Organic Materials

      All Christeli mattresses are made in the USA with organic materials, including organic cotton and latex.

    • Bed-In-A-Box Design

      All Christeli mattresses come compressed and rolled in a compact box and are delivered straight to your door. Each piece in a two-piece mattress is shipped in its own box.

    What makes a Christeli mattress different from other companies' mattresses?

    At Christeli, we understand how stressful it can be to buy a mattress online, which is why we created our revolutionary two-piece mattresses. These mattresses take the risk out of buying a new mattress online because they’re adjustable and allow you to find your ideal firmness level. Our Christeli two-piece mattresses are like buying two mattresses in one! 

    Why are some Christeli mattresses one piece and others are two pieces?

    Christeli sells both one and two-piece mattresses based on your needs.  

    Our Christeli Classic mattress line is a one piece mattress and our Christeli Performance and Christeli Luxury lines are two pieces: a bottom piece, which has both a firm side and a soft side that you can access by flipping the mattress over, and a top piece, which is detachable and gets zipped into the bottom piece. 

    Let’s say you set up your Christeli mattress and are sleeping on the softer side but realize after a couple of weeks that you need it a little firmer. All you do is unzip the top piece from the bottom piece, flip the bottom piece over to the firmer side, and re-zip the top piece into place. And if you find after a time, you want your mattress a little softer, just flip it back over! It’s that easy to find your ultimate comfort because our two-piece mattresses increase the firmness range of a single mattress. Learn more about our two-piece mattresses here.

    What types of bottom pieces does Christeli offer for two-piece mattresses?

    Christeli offers a foam or a hybrid bottom piece option for our two-piece mattresses. The foam bottom piece is made up of multiple layers of durable foam. It provides a slightly softer experience with a more consistent feel. The hybrid bottom piece is made up of pocketed coil and durable foam. It provides a slightly firmer experience, with the coils hugging the body for a more responsive feel, more bounce, and increased breathability.

    Both bottom piece options are flippable, have soft and firm sides, and attach to the top piece with a zipper.

    Do all Christeli mattresses work with adjustable beds?

    Yes! All Christeli mattresses are compatible with our adjustable bed lines.

    Is there a "break-in" or adjustment period?

    It depends. Some people are comfortable on a new mattress their first night and others take up to a month. To help you sleep at night, Christeli offers a 100-night home sleep trial to make sure the mattress is the right fit.

    Do Christeli mattresses sleep warm?

    No. Unlike generic memory foam, Christeli uses foam that is crafted with an open cell design, so air can freely pass through, allowing warm air to escape. If you’re concerned that you may sleep warm, we recommend purchasing a mattress protector here which will create an additional cooling layer.

    Will I feel my partner move around?

    No. Our foam is designed to isolate movement, so you will feel minimal to no movement from your partner on your mattress.

    Have more questions?

    Explore our FAQ page!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews

    The most comfortable mattress ever. I have been a customer for years and bought my second one recently. The customer service is above and beyond. They respond so fast and resolve issues with ease. Love my mattress. Customer for life

    Renate F.
    Sleeping Well Again

    Our new Christeli topper arrived super quick and fit perfectly on the mattress/boxspring. We flipped the mattress first to its “firm” side and then topped it with the firm topper. Voila, done! There was a very faint odor for about three hours while we slept on it, but it was soon only a memory. Husband’s morning back ache disappeared as well following the first night.

    We are very happy that we were able to solve the “new mattress” question so quickly and without a major outlay. Thank you!

    Herman W.
    mattress topper

    very satisfiedmattress topper